“The Show”: A Theatrical Care Map, by Finn Meyercord

I drew a care map of the work that goes into the production of one show. In this case, I used the show Urinetown, which went up just this past weekend [Spring 2023] here at SLC. I wanted to show all the work that goes into the show that doesn’t get recognized, and that most people don’t see. The map draws everyone involved with the show – cast, crew, designers, etc. I tried to draw as many people as I could, but this became hard when it got to people involved more in a peripheral or large crew capacity. However, every single person’s name is on there, in an attempt to kind of humanize them. I also included information about the people – pronouns, interests, the things that make them who they are around their names. There is much more focus on designers/tech workers for this, because the cast all have in depth bios in the program. I made this in an attempt to highlight and celebrate all of the different work that goes into the production of a show. It is also drawn on a printout of the Wright Theater, which is where the production took place, with everyone in their approximate areas of the space. In an ideal world, I would like everybody to draw themselves or at least let me know how they want to be identified, rather than me working from my living knowledge of these people. However, I think it is an imperfect celebration of the work we all did together.

by Finn Meyercord, for the class Care Work and Climate Adaptation (Spring 2023)




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